Gruvlia was the production basis for Lesja Ironworks. The ore from these mines contributed in making the industrial environment in Lesja throughout 250 years.

In Gruvlia you find the biggest and most important mines who delivered ore to the ironworks. There is a path you can follow to get to these mines. It is about 5 miles, and leads to the mountain mines 1060 meters above sea level. There is a shorter loop of about 3 miles further down the slope for those who do not have time, desire or effort to go up, and a loop about 7 miles for those who want to continue for a longer walk.

Start from the parking lot 3 miles northwest from Lesjaverk center along the E136, marked with a sign with the attraction mark and Gruvlia on it. The path is marked with red signs. Brochures are placed in the mailbox at the parking lot. Have a nice trip!