The old ironworks

The old ironworks in Lesjaverk was adrift from 1660 to 1812. Important resources for the ironwork was Gruvlia, Håmårfossen and Stellsteinberget. You can get more information about these resources in the submenu to “The old ironworks” in the left sidebar.

Masovnen slik den er i dag

The iron furnace today

Jernverket rundt 1920

The ironworks around 1920

The old ironworks lays on the downside of the railroad in Lesjaverk with enterance south for the railroad station (signed to Lesjaverk sag and Lesjaverk Gard). Here you can find the iron furnace from the 1700-times (the only in this country from this epoch) and the main building by the ironworks. There is also an cultural-path by the ironworks you can go with 11 posts.